We’ve got you covered!

Your health and safety are our absolute priority at this time, so to protect you and your beauty professional we have introduced enhanced hygiene and safety protocols for all at home beauty services. You can now relax knowing that your BONGO vetted and beauty professional will look after you in the safest way possible.

According to industry guidelines we have implemented the best practice COVID-19 hygiene protocols to protect you and your beauty professional during your services.

It will now be compulsory for every BONGO beauty professional to:

  • Wear a clinical-grade, three-ply mask and be equipped with disposable gloves and a disposable apron to wear during your appointment. All shoes and extra bags will not be carried into the house
  • Carry and deploy a checked and regulated kit containing anti-viral soap, a thermometer, disposable towels, wipes and sprays to sanitise hands, tools and any surface areas involved in your service.
  • Sign a tracker to monitor daily health, including a temperature check before your service.
  • Absolutely not work if feeling unwell.


What we ask from you

During this time of heightened health and safety, we kindly ask you to prepare for your BONGO appointment in the following ways:

  • Choose an area for your service which is close to the entrance or well ventilated by open doors or windows.
  • Ensure other members of your household are not be in the same room during your service.
  • Clean and disinfect the service area.
  • Please wear a face mask during your service to protect yourself and your beauty professional.
  • Ensure your beauty professional has easy access to hand-washing facilities.
  • Please cancel your appointment if you or a family member is feeling unwell.
  • After your service, please disinfect the service area and any areas in which your beauty professional came into contact.
  • We are sorry we cannot serve you at the moment if you, or anyone in your household, is considered to be a vulnerable person at this time.


What to expect

  • On arrival your beauty professional will be wearing a mask and introduce herself at the door. All shoes and personal items will be left at the door.
  • Please show your beauty professional to the service area you have prepared.
  • Your professional will set her kit down and ask where she can wash her hands according to COVID-19 hygiene requirements and change into her uniform, disposable apron and gloves.
  • You professional will prepare and re-sanitise any equipment needed for your service and prepare the service area with a disposable covering.
  • You will be asked to listen and respond verbally to the consultation and hygiene checklist before your professional takes a photo of her set up and kit.
  • At the end of your service any equipment used in the service will be sanitised and the service area wiped down and cleared of any residue.
  • For an extra precaution, after your beauty professional has left, please sanitise any surface areas, doorknobs etc she came into contact with during her visit.


Hygiene & PPE surcharge

A temporary charge of R50 has been included to your service which will go directly to your beauty professional to cover the cost of PPE and sanitisers.